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Port User Inductions

Posted on 20/07/2017


Port Nelson has installed new contractor management software that allows us to better manage our contractor and Port User inductions.

As of 1st October 2017 all Port users are required to have completed a Port induction. Anyone who has not received an induction will have to report to the Port gatehouse on Carkeek Street to apply for a visitor’s pass and will only be able to access the site under escort / shuttle and in the presence of another inducted person.

This is to make sure all persons onsite are familiar with Port rules and safety regulations such as what to do in the event of an emergency, who to contact and how to evacuate if necessary.

Inductions are run every Wednesday in the Port Nelson Amenities Meeting Room located at our head office at 8 Vickerman Street. To book please call 03 548 2099

Calwell Slipway inductions take place at 9.00am

Port Nelson inductions take place at 10.00am

For further information, including to get a full list of induction statuses for your company please contact our Safety Advisor Jan Kuwilsky on +64 3 539 3846 or jan.kuwilsky@portnelson.co.nz.


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