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ASPIRE - the values by which we operate our business

Posted on 03/01/2019

Accountability, Safety, Passion, Integrity/Honesty, Respect and Excellence 


To be accountable for our actions, our performance and the outcomes of these

  •  Adopt appropriate responsible behaviour at all times
  •  Clearly communicate operational objectives, ideas and/or concerns
  •  Accept responsibility for your own work areas
  •  Admit your mistakes



To act in a manner that prevents the risk of injury or danger

  • Take responsibility for your own safety as well as others
  • Use correct PPE at all appropriate times/places
  • Report incidents asap – especially near hits
  • Take the initiative on safety issues – if it’s not safe, make it safe
  • Be aware of hazards from other areas and contractors



To maintain a powerful and compelling enthusiasm about what we do at Port Nelson

  • Come to work with a positive attitude, add value and have fun
  • Convey a positive attitude to those around you
  • Go the extra mile to service and liaise with internal/external customers



To be truthful, upright and act according to what is right

  • Always turn up to work in a ready and fit state
  • Report any faults/concerns/damage
  • Express concerns you may have openly when the opportunity arises
  • Maintain confidentiality



To hold the people around us in high esteem and show consideration

  • Work closely and co-operatively within your team and the wider PNL team
  • Respect the environment in your day-to-day work
  • Demonstrate the behaviour you would expect of others
  • Speak up on issues and listen to points made by others
  • Communicate with all customers, peers, service providers and contractors in a polite and professional manner                 



To continually strive to be the best at what we do

  • Recognise and understand we are in the customer service industry
  • Respond fully to customer needs in a timely but cost-efficient manner
  • Always analyse performance and strive for continual improvement
  • Show initiative and be enterprising in improving productivity and safety
  • Strive for highest quality in your work


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