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Old bell restored for memorial garden

Posted on 10/01/2014

Memorial garden bell 1

Alongside the tug berths inside the security gates at Port Nelson sits a small memorial garden, an island of green amongst the concrete and containers. A recent addition to the garden has been a bell complete with stand. The bell was first resident at the port in 1870 and was recently rediscovered and restored by Port Nelson workshop staff. The stand was designed by Connagh Boeyen, a Nayland college student, as part of a competition run in 2012. The stand was constructed over a 12 month period by Hayden McCue, one of Port Nelson’s skilled workshop staff, under the watchful gaze of Craig Terris, workshop Supervisor. Connaghs’ design was inspired by the theme of an eye watching over the port. Hayden is pictured with the bell and stand, alongside Rex Loach-his grandfather and a former Nelson Harbour Board director.Memorial garden bell 2