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In 2019 Port Nelson joined 107 other signatories to the Climate Leaders Coalition. A collective of signatories who together make up 60% of New Zealand’s gross emissions, nearly a third of private-sector GDP, and employ more than 170,000 New Zealanders.

By signing the Statement, each organisation has committed to measuring and reporting their greenhouse gas emissions, setting targets and working with suppliers to reduce emissions, to help keep global warming within 2°C

Additionally, all Coalition members support the Paris Agreement and New Zealand’s commitment to it, the introduction of a Climate Commission, and carbon budgets enshrined in law.

Port Nelson Limited (PNL) commits to its ambition to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 through science-based emission reduction targets

The Port recently engaged Environmental Consultant Toitu to assist in assessing and scoping out new targets utilising a science-based methodology as part of its renewed commitment to the Climate Leaders Coalition.

The Port has committed to 40% less in both gross GHG direct emissions (sources owned and controlled by PNL) and GHG emissions from purchased energy (electricity) from a 2019 baseline year. Port Nelson has also set a target that is a combination of gross emissions reductions from the sources in its control and supplier engagement (travel, waste, water) influencing 67% of its Scope 3 emissions.

A number of projects underpin the Port’s confidence in achieving the set targets, these include:

  • Operator education and feedback through technology use
  • Conversion of existing plant to more fuel-efficient options
  • Acceleration of plant and fleet electrification
  • Use of bio-fuels
  • Exploration and use of solar power generation

In the 2020 financial year, the Port reduced both its gross carbon output as well as improved its operational efficiency, showing a trend of reducing our carbon footprint from 2017 to 2020.


These science-based targets help facilitate Port Nelson’s Environmental Policy which states, “PNL will undertake present and future activities in an environmentally sustainable manner while complying with applicable legislative requirements and protecting the environment. We will strive for continual improvement in our environmental performance and the prevention of pollution in all our business undertakings”.