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05 April 2018

Registrations of interest – Design and Build, Main Wharf Extension, Port Nelson.



Port Nelson Limited (PNL) invite Registrations of Interest from suitably qualified and experienced contractors for the design and construction of a 100m Wharf Extension and associated works located at Main Wharf North, Port of Nelson, Nelson.Based on the registrations of interest received, PNL will invite selected contractors to submit formal tenders. Selected submitters will be invited to submit tenders at the sole discretion of, based on the registration of interest and any other information or knowledge that PNL may have.  


 The proposed works involve the design of the new wharf structure, including building consent requirements, design of lateral spread restraints for reclamation, demolition and removal of the existing timber, concrete structure and concrete retaining wall, removal of existing fendering, removal of two existing piled bollard, construction of new wharf structure, reinstatement of flexible pavement, installation of the seismic improvements in reclamation, supply and install fenders, supply and install bollards and services, reshaping the under-wharf revetment and supply and placement of rip-rap and all other finishing off works required for the new wharf to be put to service.


We expect site works to commence late in the third quarter of 2018, and take approximately 12 months.  Site work is expected to proceed in-line with budget expectations and in accordance with the Detailed Design (to be developed as part of the contract scope of works).  Additionally, the construction will need to be undertaken in compliance with the suite of building and resource consents necessary for the project, which are yet to be granted.  We expect a decision on the resource consent application to be made in early-September. 


It is a requirement that the submitters proposed approach achieve the design parameters, complies with all consent requirements, can be completed broadly in line with expected timelines for this project.  


The demolition and construction area will retain port functions that the selected contractor will need accommodate this in its approach and programme. Selected contractors will need to demonstrate its ability to manage a confined site both in the harbour and shore based activities,

We are not seeking the final methodology to be defined at this time.  Detailed tender submissions including a series of non-price attributes will be sought from preferred submitters, as a result of this ROI.


Detail to be included in Registrations of Interest


1.    Available resources/plant to undertake works, and a brief description of preferred/proposed approach to achieve project outcomes.

2.    Previous experience in wharf design and construction.

3.    Descriptions of similar projects completed by the submitter (with referee details).

4.    Key personnel who would be involved in the project and their CV’s.

5.    Health and Safety Information

a.    Please provide an example of a Health and Safety Management Plan from a similar project, the submitters Health and Safety Policies and a 5 year history detailing any incidents.

6.    Please provide an example of an Environmental Management Plan from a similar project, the submitters environmental Policies, and a 5 year history detailing any enforcement action taken under the Resource Management Act 1991.  Please also provide a brief description of what you perceive to be the key environmental effects from this site remediation to be managed and mitigation options to manage those effects.


Timing for Submissions


Proposals are to be submitted by 12:00pm on Thursday19/04/2018, and should be marked:



John Hart

Project Engineer

Port Nelson Limited

PO Box 844


Telephone: (027) 2688222



Electronic submissions will be accepted and can be emailed to  Hard copies of the proposal to be received at Port Nelson Limited no later than 12:00 Thursday 19th April.


Preferred submitters are expected be invited to submit formal tenders during the late April with tender submission date late June 2018 (these dates are subject to confirmation).


Yours sincerely



John Hart