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Nelson is home to the two largest fish processing companies in New Zealand

Fishing Industry


Nelson is home to the two largest fish processing companies in New Zealand and is the largest fishing port in Australasia.


Sealord is truly an international company with processing plants around the world. The company is owned by the Maori people of New Zealand and Nissui a Japanese Seafood company. Annually they process 220,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish and their product is sold world wide. In New Zealand Sealord hold approximately19% (113,000 MT) of the total fishing quota in New Zealand.

Talley’s Fisheries is a private company owned and operated by the Talley family. Based in Motueka they have 5 fish processing plants spread over the South Island. The largest processing plants situated in Motueka and Nelson. The Talley’s group have expanded their operations to include, vegetable, dairy and ice cream production to complement their fishing interests.


The largest single species caught is Hoki with a total allowable commercial catch of 90,000 tonnes. In recent months there has been a suggestion that the Hoki quota will increase from the 1st of October 2009 to 110,000 -120,000 tonnes.


The range is wide ranging from Hoki and Orange Roughy to squid. The total allowable catch per annum is approximately 602,000 tonnes.

Export (2007)

Total Export 103,000 RT all containerised (6,782 Teu)
Sealord and Talley’s are the largest shippers of fish products in the Nelson region.


Europe, UK, Nth Asia, Nth China, Australia and Africa.