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The Nelson-Marlborough region is one of New Zealand's major forestry areas

NPI (Nelson Pine Industries)


A wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Forestry Company Ltd, Nelson Pine Industries was established in 1984 as a manufacturing facility to add value to the Nelson region’s renewable resource of Radiata pine forests.
Production of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) started in 1986, with a second line commissioned in 1991 and the third line following in 1997. This made NPI one of the largest single site producers of MDF in the world at the time.
In 2002 an LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) plant was commissioned using the production from the veneer plant that commenced lathe peeling logs in 2001.


The Nelson-Marlborough region is one of New Zealand's major forestry areas, with about 16% of the productive land area planted in production forests. Forest harvest in the region is around 2 million cubic metres per annum of which NPI will use about 1 million cubic metres.


MDF Line: 300,000 m3 per annum
LVL Line: 80,000 m3 per annum
Veneer Plant: 100,000 m3 per annum


MDF: Furniture, Kitchen cabinets, Mouldings
LVL: Structural product competes with traditional timber and steel construction applications
Veneer: Packaging material.

Export (FY 2007/2008)

MDF: 154,000 RT shipped breakbulk. 7,214 Teu / 115,000 RT containerised.
LVL / Veneer: 13,000 RT shipped breakbulk. 400 Teu / 8,800 RT containerised.


MDF: North Asia / SE Asia / Sth & Nth China / USA
LVL: Australia / USA / North Asia
Veneer: North Asia