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Port Charges

A range of charges on ships and cargoes apply at every port. There is a degree of inter-port variation in the terminologies applied to these charges. The variations in charging structures and terminologies between these ports reflect the responses and differences in ports generally.

Port Nelson Schedule of Charge effective 1 November 2019  

Calwell Slipway tariff effective 1 October 2018

Standard Terms & Conditions

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Port Nelson Environmental Ship Index Incentive Provider

Port Nelson has revised the discount it offers under the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) scheme. From 1 July 2020 Port Nelson will provide a discount of $1,000 on Marine Tariff rates for vessels with a score between 40-50 ESI points. For vessels with an ESI score above 50 points a $1,500 discount on Marine Tariff rates will apply.

The existing discounts of 5% off Marine Tariff for vessels with a score between 20-30 ESI points and 10% for vessels with a score higher than 30 ESI points will apply through to 30 June 2020.

Click here to visit Environmental Ship Index (ESI) website.


Port Nelson Green Award Incentive Provider

Starting 1 December 2009, the port offers a 5% discount off tariff price for marine services for all tankers and bulk carriers certified by Green Award.

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