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Port Nelson’s supports the Te Tauihu region through sponsorship initiatives. The Port commits more than $100,000 to various community organisations across the region, including marine events, sports teams, charitable events, the business sector, and staff sponsorships. 


Sponsorships are selected by the Port’s sponsorship committee who decides based on criteria modeled on our 5 pillars that support the Port’s purpose to facilitate regional prosperity. These are: Our Customers, Our Environment, Our People, Our Community and Our Shareholders. View the Port’s sponsorship criteria below.


Our sponsorship allocation for monetary-based requests from July 1, 2023, to June 30, 2024, has been fully allocated for our 2024 financial year.

We continue to consider applications for 'in-kind' activities that do not require monetary assistance, and requests for the 2025 financial year. 

Sponsorship Request

Please select which criteria your initiative falls into

Please outline a list of benefits for Port Nelson to sponsor this initiative.
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