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Port Nelson engages in sustainability and climate change adaptation that also supports our people and community.

Training and education

The Port will integrate environmental management into its business processes by providing employees with the tools and knowledge to reduce their impact
across the business. The Port is committed to providing operators of plant, vessels, and equipment with data to assist them in understanding how best to reduce the use of fuel in their operations (while keeping a safe and appropriate pace of work).

Operational waste reduction

The Port will adopt a zero waste to landfill approach and provide the team education and resources to achieve a 10% reduction per year of waste to landfill over the next 3 years. The port will also be working closely with suppliers and contractors to reduce waste.


By 2025FY, the Port will adopt climate change reporting with TCFD (Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures). TCFD reporting is the disclosure of environmental, social and corporate governance data.