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Port Noise

Port Nelson is at the heart of the Nelson community, both in location and spirit, and is vital to the economic and social wellbeing of our region. We strive to play our role as a good corporate citizen by also contributing to the vibrancy of life in Nelson. 

We are committed to being a good neighbour and reducing the effects of noise generated from port operations. The 24-hour operation of the Port is vital to the Nelson economy and that is why the Port works extremely hard at managing its operations to minimise and reduce noise. 

A three-pronged approach to noise minimsation is in place at Port Nelson.  The Port Nelson Noise Management Plan outlines our commitment to the management and minimisation of noise from port-related activities, and the Port Nelson Noise Mitigation Plan is our commitment towards the acoustic treatment of properties affected by Port Noise.  The Port Noise Liaison Committee has the role of overseeing the implementation of the Noise Management and Mitigation Plans, and ensuring that Port Nelson is made aware of the noise concerns of its neighbours.  

The plans can be found in the document tab on the right. 

To make a noise complaint, please fill in the below form. 

Port Noise Liaison Committee 

The Port Noise Liaison Committee (PNLC) considers all noise issues arising from Port operations and is responsible for carrying out the functions in the Port Noise Management and Mitigation Plans. Further information regarding the PNLC will be available shortly. 

Noise Mitigation Package 

The Port offers owners of homes most affected by port noise the opportunity to help reduce the impact of noise inside their homes. Eligible houses are determined by the noise contours and confirmed by an acoustic inspection. Where internal noise to habitable spaces is above designated levels, the port funds sound insulation and for most affected houses, an alternative option for some is for the Port to buy homes, insulate them and resell with understanding that the property is in the Port’s noise contours area. 

Work to acoustically treat houses to reduce noise is undertaken by the Port and overseen by the Port Noise Liaison Committee.  A noise contour map identifies noise levels (dBA Ldn) by location and the level of noise that can be expected at properties within the noise contours. 

The Port Nelson Noise Contour Map can be found here.

The noise contours are based on extensive measurement which informs modelling and projections of noise from activities at the port. More information about how the port monitors noise can be found here.

Minimising Noise From Port Operations 

Alongside these noise mitigation measures, Port Nelson is continuously looking at ways to minimise noise generated by port operations. The Port has an ongoing awareness campaign with plant operators, noise emissions are a high priority in plant purchase policies, and the Port has modified some plant operating systems. 

The Port also invested in a crane simulator for training crane drivers and held internal noise workshops with the Stevedoring team and Container Operations Team to work through ways to minimise noise while working. 

A report looking at ten years of noise management performance by Port Nelson can be found here

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