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2 December 2021

Port Nelson Log yard Project Complete

A key infrastructure project for Port Nelson that reduces environmental impacts and creates efficiencies is now complete. 

The Port Nelson Log Yard project was a significant aspect of Port Nelson’s programme to rationalise and intensify land use. The project included the consolidation of the Port’s four disjointed log yards into a single area close to the wharf and within the Port secure area. 

General Manager Environment and Infrastructure Allanagh Rivers celebrates the project completion, “the final stages of the log yard were completed last week which allows our log cargo to be consolidated in a centralised precinct which we anticipate will boost capacity by around 30%.” 

In addition to improved operational efficiencies, there are positive environmental outcomes including significantly reduced dust, making for better working conditions for staff, and reducing wear and tear on plant and equipment. Sediment and stormwater control improvements will be improved through the installation of a high-performance vortex stormwater treatment system designed to capture and filter out the particulate matter. “The system should see an improved recovery of sediment from the log yard stormwater discharge, and further reduce the discharge of debris into the harbour. This system will be rolled out throughout the log yard if the trial demonstrates the system proves to be beneficial,” explains Allanagh. 

Part of the project also included three new lighting towers, 30 metres in height, around the yard which have had an impact on night- time operations. The light towers have dimmable LED lights fitted and provide improved energy efficiency. 

Another project celebrating its completion is the upgrade of Main Wharf North. The $20 million dollar investment resulted in redeveloping the northern section of the main wharf increasing the Port’s earthquake resilience, moving main wharf container operations further away from residential neighbours, and future-proofing the Port to accommodate larger vessels.    






For more information please contact Jo Brady, Port Nelson’s Communications and Engagement Manager – / 021598235