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16 August 2022

New Zealand Ports Tackle Noisy Vessels

New Zealand ports are collaborating to tackle noise generated from vessels. Specifically, Safeen Prime, a vessel contracted by ANL. Due to recent shipping challenges, ANL contracted Safeen Prime to increase cargo capacity. The vessel is scheduled to visit Nelson approximately every three weeks and is due to visit Port Nelson on Wednesday 17th August (timing is subject to change).


As an export-oriented nation, New Zealand has been strongly impacted by global shipping challenges in recent years. The region’s importers and exporters will benefit from an increased supply of shipping space and regular visits to the region after being hit hard by dramatic increases in freight costs, space availability on ships, and delayed or cancelled vessels coming into Port. 


Hugh Morrison, Port Nelson’s Chief Executive, recognises the importance of shipping lines continuing to provide regular services to the Te Tauihu community, whilst ensuring reduced noise from operations. “Port Nelson has been working with shipping lines to resolve key issues of delays to import and export shipments. ANL has been a long-standing partner for Port Nelson and its community, servicing the region for over 20 years.” “The additional capacity resulting from Safeen Prime will highly benefit the region’s importer and exporters; however, the consequence is a vessel that requires additional design to mitigate the noise it generates. We are working with the shipping line to rectify the issue, and a plan has been put in place.” 


Ports around New Zealand and their communities have experienced the same noise issues from this vessel. The ports are collaborating by sharing information and experiences within their communities and collectively working with acoustic consultants to address this issue with the shipping line.


Consequently, the shipping line and the ship owner have committed to installing a reactive silencer, which was proven to be successful in the past at resolving similar issues on other vessels. Port Nelson has requested that the measure is implemented as soon as possible. 


The ports are waiting for the shipping line to confirm the timeframe for the reactive silencer. In the meantime, the ship has modified funnels on the generators to reduce noise and implemented operational procedures designed to reduce noise levels until the reactive silencer is installed.


Hugh adds, “reducing noise levels from the Port is a priority for Port Nelson,” “we will continue to monitor the noise impacts from Safeen Prime and assess the temporary mitigation measures during its upcoming visits.” 


Port Nelson welcomes any comments from Nelson residents regarding their experience with generator noise from this vessel. Comments can be made via the Port’s online feedback form Living near the Port (






For further information please contact Jessica Ammundsen – Communications and Engagement Manager –, 0273040865.