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23 May 2024

Port Nelson unveils future plans and investments at special event

The Port recently announced its 2030 long-term strategy and 2050 Infrastructure Master Plan at a stakeholder event as part of its activities to future-proof the port. The event was a platform for stakeholders to interact, gain insights, and better understand Port Nelson's strategic direction into the future. 

Over 80 stakeholders attended the event to hear more about the Port's significant investments in infrastructure, assets, and environmental management.  

Guided by its 2050 Master Plan, the Port announced how it aims to ensure long-term economic sustainability by optimising investments and the resilience of its infrastructure and assets through to 2050.  

Hugh Morrison, Port Nelson's CEO, says that the Master Plan demonstrates the Port's commitment to its customers: "The plan considers enhancing operational efficiencies and capacity to meet our customer's future needs. However, it won’t involve extensive expansion but optimisation of its current assets to ensure a sustainable pathway for the Port's future operations."
Hugh adds that the event was also essential in connecting with its customers after announcing an infrastructure charge effective from 1 January, “the event provided an opportunity to communicate the Port's future investments transparently and reassure customers of its long-term commitment to them.” 

The Port's 2030 strategy, which focuses on being "championed by our stakeholders," was also a topic of the event. The strategy was developed with the Port's five stakeholders in mind: customers, environment, people, community, and shareholders.  

Hugh says this generation of Port people has a real responsibility to continue facilitating regional prosperity. “The port is a legacy business and has been operating for over 150 years; both plans will ensure a sustainable pathway for the Port, ensuring its future operations.”