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24 May 2024

Slipway redevelopment passes the halfway mark

The slipway redevelopment project, worth $20 million, has reached an important milestone by passing the halfway mark. The project aims to provide an enhanced marine precinct by maintaining the Calwell Slipway and providing a new marine travel lift and hardstand area. These two facilities will better enable vessels weighing between 50 and 2400 tonnes to be serviced. 

Colin Devenish, General Manager of Environment, Infrastructure, and Maintenance, has acknowledged the project has encountered delays but assures that it's now on schedule for completion by January 2025. “We are nearing the end of the pile driving stage of the development," he says. “Throughout this phase, we've driven 38, 1067mm tubular piles into the ground, alongside corresponding sheet piling. We've navigated various challenges, including weather fluctuations, marine factors, and subsurface conditions." 

During construction, the port's priority is to minimise any noise disturbance for the community and ensure compliance with sound limitations. “We've deployed multiple sensors to monitor sound levels and installed vibration monitoring equipment on-site to detect any excessive vibrations resulting from pile and sheet driving," Colin explains. 

Another important milestone will be reached soon with the arrival of the 18-metre-tall Cimolai Travel Lift. “We’re looking forward to the arrival of this asset. The travel lift will allow local businesses to service small to medium vessels, leaving the Calwell Slipway free to service larger vessels,” Colin says. This will result in more efficient slipping services for the region and provide additional business to the local marine engineering community. 

The redevelopment project involves improving the management and catchment of contaminated materials and stormwater. The new facility will include an upgrade to the existing treatment facility at the Calwell slipway for waste from vessel cleaning operations. During construction, contaminated silts will be removed from the harbour basin adjacent to the slipways.