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  • Port Nelson - Container Weight Verification Requirement

    Please find attached Port Nelson’s communications with regards to containers needing to have a verified weight before they can be loaded onto a ship from July 1 2016.

    Port Nelson - Container Weight Verification Requirement

    Port Nelson - Pre Note changes document

    Please take the time to read all the links on the attached document and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to email: Cargo.Reception@portnelson.co.nz

  • On Arrival at Port Nelson
    1. All trucks shall stop at Cargo Reception for processing of documentation and receipt of directions unless otherwise instructed.
    2. Trucks should park in the waiting areas adjacent to Cargo Reception. The driver is to present documentation for authorisation, inspection and data entry into our computerised container management system.
    3. Cargo Reception staff will input the relevant data into the Jade Master Terminal management system and give the driver directions to the correct vehicle transfer area for the cargo or container.
    4. Important: The driver must have a PNL Photo ID card or be issued with a Visitor Card to gain access or exit through the Security Gate system.
    5. The driver to proceed to the vehicle transfer area to which they have been assigned to have cargo loaded or unloaded.
  • On Exit from Port Nelson

    Any cargo details omitted, incorrect or notations for damage etc. are recorded within the Jade Master Terminal cargo management system.

  • Required Documentation

    Correct Documentation is Vital. The driver, before entry or exit from the port, must amend incomplete or incorrect documentation.

    We require the following information to be contained within the documentation provided at cargo reception on arrival at Port Nelson:

    ContainersOther CargoDelivering MT Containers to Yard
    Container number Waybill number Container number
    Container type Voyage reference Container type
    Voyage reference Consignor Shipping Line
    Consignor Port of discharge Consignor (Source)
    Port of discharge Final destination  
    Final destination Booking reference  
    Booking reference Cargo description  
    Cargo description Weight  
    Weight Dimensions  
    Temperature Special instructions  
    Vent setting    
    Seal number    
    Special instructions    
    Hazard class/type    
    Hazard declaration certificate    
  • Collecting Import Cargo

    Official Delivery Orders from both the shipping line or (its agent) and from Customs.

  • Collecting Coastal Cargo from Port Nelson

    Official Delivery Orders from the shipping line (or its agent)

  • Information

    Receiving and delivery information is reported to clients daily, or as required, either by EDI, fax or telephone.

    Pre-noting instructions for Carriers, available here

    Release Request Search instructions - available here 

  • Customs Client Code

    Port Nelson Ltd's number is 00328977L for Customs EDI messaging.