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Port Cargo Handling Equipment

To meet the needs of our customers the following machinery is employed at Port Nelson to ensure quick and efficient turnaround of ships is achieved.


The Liebherr Cranes

To meet the trend towards containerised cargo, Port Nelson Ltd geared up with the purchase of the first Liebherr LHM400 Mobile Harbour Crane in 1997. Convinced of its abilities and aiming to further increase efficiency, the company went back to the Austrian manufacturers in 2000, becoming the first port in the South Pacific to have two of these highly capable machines.  In May 2010 the LHM550 was added to the crane fleet to future proof the cargo operation and ensure against age related maintenance issues in the older cranes affecting vessel turnaround.


Liebherr LHM 400 & LHM550 Mobile Harbour Cranes

Lifting Capacity                                                                            

On the Spreader:

• 34.9 tonnes at a radius of 48 metres

On the hook:

• 104 tonnes at radius of 10-22 metres (to 24 metres for the LHM550)
• 69.2 tonnes at a radius of 30 metres (79 tonne for the LHM550)
• 46.3 tonnes at a radius of 40 metres (55 tonnes for the LHM550)


• Bromma EH5 and EH170 telescopic spreader for 20’ and 40’ ISO container
• Centre of gravity adjustment


• TV monitoring system in colour, camera with zoom on jib and monitor on upper cabin
• Litronic crane management system


• Crane engine, Mercedes Benz, type OM 444LA, 604 kw diesel (MAN for the LHM550)
• All crane functions are hydraulic


Maximum road speed 5.4km per hour


Overall length of undercarriage 24 metres
Overall width of undercarriage 6 metres
Multi Axle configuration - all axle sets are steerable

Total Weight

390 tonnes (405 tonnes for LHM550)

Operable On

Brunt Quay and Main Wharf South


Cargo Handling

From a pallet of timber to a reefer container of export apples, Port Nelson has the plant to handle cargo at speed, with safety and exacting quality standards. Our operators are focussed on minimising damage and work within a tight safety and environmental code.


TypeLifting Capacity
4 top lift trucks 40-50 tonne capacity
1 forklift 32 tonne
1 fortlift 18 tonne
1 forklift 12 tonne
1 fork lift 7 tonne
20 forklifts up to 5 tonne
6 empty container handlers 4 with twin pick capability
4 mobile hoppers 40 tonne each
2 front-end loaders (double for log squaring) 1.25 m3 each
17 pallet lifters up to 3 tonne
3 Terminal tractors and 4 trailers 20' / 40'
1 Omega Crane 5 tonne