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  • Security Code & Photo ID

    A key feature of the Security Code is the requirement for all persons to be identified before entry into the port secure area.

    A Port Nelson ID card is available to regular port users at a cost of $35 per holder.  A safety induction must be completed before a Port Nelson ID card can be issued. 

    Entry will not be permitted without one of the following forms of photo identification:

    • An ID card issued by Port Nelson Limited.
    • A military ID card
    • An ID card issued by the NZ Government
    • A Driver’s Licence issued by the LTSA
    • A Seafarer’s ID card issued by a contracting government or flag state
    • A valid passport
    • Other forms as authorized by the Chief Executive of the MSA
    • ID cards must include photograph, name, name of the issuing authority and must be tamper-proof.
  • Vehicle Information

    Vehicle Entry

    No private vehicles are permitted within the port’s operating areas. Other vehicles must be pre-notified, suitably marked as company vehicle, and exhibit hazard lights.


    Any operator, wishing to enter the port is strongly recommended to notify the port gatehouse before arriving at the port. This speeds up the checking and validation process and helps prevent unnecessary delays.

    Vehicle Security Information

    Truck and vehicle drivers (i.e. contractors, vendors, provedores and visitors with authorized business) are required to have at all times a Port Nelson ID card or appropriate photo ID to facilitate entry onto the Port area and access to the ship, to carry out work and deliver supplies, stores or equipment.

    The ship’s information form (see link) will assist ready identification at the gate to the Restricted Area and it will ensure access into the facility will not be unduly hampered or delayed when the port and the ship are operating at Security Level 1.

    Note: Should the port go to a heightened security Level 2, additional entry controls as directed by the Police will apply. At security Level 3, the Police will close all port operations.

    Note:  Vehicles requiring wharf side access to ships are to be equipped with a flashing orange roof light or use flashing hazard lights.

    Print: Ship information form

    For more information contact:

    Direct dial:+64 3 539 3841

    Port Nelson Limited is required by law to comply with The International Ship & Port Security Code. This code requires the port to operate within a secure area designed to prevent the entry of any person or object that may be a terrorist or security threat.

  • Port Nelson ISPS Code identifiers
    • Port Locator: NZNSN
    • Port Identification: 24112
    • Port Facility No: 1205

    There are three levels of security:

    • Level 1 - normal operations
    • Level 2 - a non-specific threat exists
    • Level 3 - a threat is probable or imminent

    The current security level is advised by a sign at each port gate.
    The Maritime Safety Authority is responsible for imposing and lifting the level