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24 July 2020

Nelson Slipway redevelopment and services expansion

Port Nelson is delighted to hear that the redevelopment of the Nelson Slipways will receive funding of $9.8m from the Provincial Growth Fund, announced by Parliamentary Under Secretary for Regional Economic Development, Fletcher Tabuteau. 

The application for funding was jointly submitted by Port Nelson and Aimex Services Group. 

The funding will go to the upgrade of the slipway facilities in Nelson to enable an increase in the number of vessels that can be slipped and ensure that slipping activities have improved environmental protection measures. 

Nelson has the largest fishing fleet in Australasia and has also built up one of the leading marine engineering clusters in the country. The provision of modern slipping facilities is an essential activity which underpins the survival of the engineering and fishing clusters. The increased capacity of the new slipping facilities, will lead to the retention of high skilled engineering jobs in Nelson/Tasman. 

The project involves the redevelopment and improved services delivered from the two existing slipping operations located at Port Nelson, the Calwell Slipway and the Nelson Slipway. The Calwell Slipway, efficiently slips vessels of 2,500 tonnes to 300 tonnes. The Nelson Slipway, slips vessels less than 100 tonnes. The new project will redevelop the Nelson Slipway area to create finger wharves which allow a new marine travel lift to operate, having a capacity of 400 tonnes. The facility will include a new environment treatment facility, and contaminated silts will be removed from the harbour basin adjacent to the slipways. 

The total value of the project is $14.6 million. In addition to the $9.8m provided by the PGF, Port Nelson will contribute $3.3m and Aimex $1.5m.  

Port Nelson acknowledges the work of its partner in this project, Aimex, who initiated the idea some years ago and has championed the need to sustain and grow the whole marine engineering industry in Nelson and Tasman. 

The Port also acknowledges the support provided by the Mayors of Nelson and Tasman as well as the activities of the Nelson Regional Development Agency and the Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce.